Your health is our priority

Quality medical and individual care in a comfortable, hotel-like setting is the principal idea behind Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital. Medical expertise should be in the foreground when choosing a hospital, but other important aspects such as personal care, service and amenities also play a major role in a patient’s (general) well-being and speedy recovery.

Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital offers all conditions necessary for successful treatment in every sense. We view the medical expertise and experience of our doctors, the dedication of our qualified staff, the comfort of our rooms and the quality of our food as a special offer to our patients who want to overcome their various health problems in a highly pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

As a patient your individual wishes and needs determine the services provided at our facility - your satisfaction is the benchmark for the success of our work. To ensure that you will find yourself not only in the best, but also familiar hands, we invite you to come to us with the trusted physician of your choice and to be treated by him personally. 

A key point of our success is our quality management and continuous improvement of our services and processes. To this end, we undergo regular audits by external, independent authorities.

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